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Volunteer Roles & Responsibilities

Family Promise is a collaboration of faith communities and organizations in Missoula, who assist families with children experiencing homelessness as they regain housing, while maintaining their independence and dignity. Participation in this network offers an opportunity for community volunteers to compassionately transform lives. This program is jointly operated with the YWCA at the Family Housing Center, The Meadowlark, 1800 South 3rd St West.


Volunteers are the heart of Family Promise.  There are many ways to be involved.  Check out the detailed job descriptions for each volunteer role. 

Volunteer during Rotations

 Weekly rotations run from Monday through Sunday and include providing dinner, laundry,  and front desk coverage. In order to ensure the safety of our guests staying inside the Family Housing Center/Meadowlark Shelter, background checks are required of all staff and volunteers who work inside the Meadowlark Shelter. 

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  • Donate gas cards/gift cards - provide gas and gift cards to assist families who need immediate assistance. The Director monitors the distribution. 

  • Donate green salad, fruit and desserts to complement the meal which is prepared at the Poverello.  Salads and desserts need to be purchased or prepared on-site.  

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(5:30*- 7:30 pm)  Prepare salads, veggies or fruit, serve dinner, wash dishes and clean up the kitchen.

*Note- Time will change to 5:30-7:30 effective 6/19/23 

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Evening Host

(8:00- 10:00 pm) - provide front desk security to residents accessing the Family Housing Center.  


Be on call to do laundry (bedding and towels) when families leave the Family Housing Center. 

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