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Thanks to the many congregations and individuals who sponsored rooms for the Family Housing Center at the Meadowlark. Quilts or comforters, towels, laundry basket, shower curtain and bathmats were donated for each of the 25 rooms.

Thanks to these congregations and individuals:

  • Women of Spirit Book Club, St. Paul Lutheran

  • First United Methodist

  • Spirit of Peace Community

  • Friends from Church of Jesus Christ LDS

  • St Anthony Parish

  • Immanuel Lutheran

  • Grace United Methodist Church - Singles

  • Kathleen Rogers

  • Blessed Trinity and Friends

  • Zootown Jews

  • St Francis Xavier

  • UCC

  • Christ the King

  • First Presbyterian

  • Meg Henderson

  • Sovereign Hope Church

  • Bruce & Kay Kramer

  • Wendy Flynn

  • Melly, Susan & Sandy Shepherd

  • Our Savior Lutheran Church Bonner with help of Kay Krammer

  • Joy McKay

  • Peggy Louis

  • Sandi Wilson

  • Tuesday Morning Roots Bible Study and Friends

A big thanks to the volunteers that came and helped to make up the rooms! How welcoming they all look- all ready for the families to move in!

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by Julie Davis

Today my husband, our daughter Jellie Austin and I helped set rooms up for the families at the new

shelter that was built on 3rd St in Missoula. It took me back and I remember being a single mom and homeless with 3 kids. I worked through Missoula Works with Paige Pavalone having my back and helping me land a great Job with an awesome boss named Cindy.

I was struggling looking for housing and being denied over and over by property management company's and paying application fees over and over again feeling let down because I wanted to give a better life to my kids. Jen Certa the Director of Family Promise at the time matched me with Heather China Sands who never gave up on my family and is still to this day Auntie Heather to all my kids.

The support of people from different churches and volunteers like Jane Kisselbach, Lorraine Carlson, Vicke Schend, Becky Wilson Boehmer, Randy Boehmer, Nancy Marks, Limitless Ministries and many more kept me on my feet and had faith in me when I didn't.

Almost 5 years later I am married and our family grew to a blended family with my husband and all 7 of our kids. I have been blessed by God over and over and I thank Him everyday.

This shelter brought tears to my eyes for joy knowing that so many families will be helped and so many kids will have a safe place to be until their family's get back on their feet. I am so glad we got to experience this and see how the YWCA and Family Promise have the same mission to help those in need. I love you all so much. Thank you!❤ ❤ ❤

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Terry Burke, Family Promise Advisory Team

On Mother’s Day on May 13, 2012, Family Promise of Missoula opened their doors bringing hope to families experiencing homelessness; to regain their housing, their independence, and their dignity.

A special thanks to the dedicated team from Missoula who laid the groundwork for Family Promise.

In 2013, Missoula Interfaith Collaborative (MIC) formed to strengthen community organizations, generate leaders, and foster meaningful relationships as they act for the common good. In 2016, Family Promise of Missoula merged with MIC to work together and leverage their strengths.

In August 2019, the YWCA and MIC broke ground for the Meadowlark to provide critical support and shelter for victims of domestic violence and homeless families.

Family Promise, since 2012, has served up to 4 families at a time and now, in collaboration with the YWCA, will be able to serve 31 families. Additionally the YWCA will house up to 13 households fleeing domestic violence at the Meadowlark. We, the volunteers, the local congregations, and the community partners, have come together to make a difference. On Mother's Day, 2021, our Family Promise families will spend their first night in the Family Housing Center... a new era for Family Promise Missoula.

Thank you Missoula for all your support in making this a reality!

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