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Welcome to our New Family Promise Director, Cath Scribner. Cath comes with a wealth of experience including being one of the people who brought Family Promise to Missoula in 2018 so this position just brings her back around to leading Family Promise in Missoula.

Welcome Cath! She is looking forward to meeting and working with our Family Promise network.

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Updated: Apr 9

10 years ago on Mother's Day, Family Promise of Missoula opened their doors to 4 families experiencing homelessness. 10 years later we now are working collaboratively with the YWCA to provide support for up to 31 families at the Family Housing Center at the Meadowlark!

If you are a Family Promise volunteer or support the program in any way, please join us to celebrate ten years of service for families in our community who are experiencing homelessness: thousands of hours of service, thousands of meals served, hundreds of families cared for. Our gathering will feature a lasagna dinner, entertainment, and short presentations.

Enjoy the new painting, "Family Promise, Kept" by local artist Barbara Morrison. This painting was commissioned to honor the volunteers who envisioned, created, and have grown and sustained Family Promise Missoula

Questions? Contact Rebecca Pettit at or Nancy Marks at

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As families from Family Promise or individuals from the Housing Advocate Network “graduate” into homes of their own, each receives appropriately sized housewarming gifts of necessary supplies needed to reestablish home life. In 2021, 20 deliveries were made. Donations of supplies, gas cards, gift cards, or financial donations are needed to restock the shelves.

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